Customized Training to Boost Your Science Communication

The Science Communicator, LLC offers workshops that empower professionals in science-related fields to convey complex ideas with clarity and impact. Leveraging evidence-based strategies and proven storytelling techniques, we tailor workshops to your specific needs, ensuring you can engage and inspire your audience like never before.

Transforming Science Communication:
Empower Your Message

In an era where clarity in science communication has never been more critical, The Science Communicator, LLC stands ready to empower your team. Through interactive workshops led by Dr. Melissa Booth, we offer a tailored journey to mastering the art of science storytelling. Elevate your impact and connect science with society like never before.

Our workshops are built on three foundational pillars that ensure a personalized and impactful learning experience:
Customized Training

Tailor Your Workshop

Choose the location, time, and learning experiences that best suit your science communication needs.
Select from a menu of learning modules to focus on your communication priorities.
In-person training creates a dedicated time and compassionate space to learn and practice new skills.

Our Workshop Approach

Why Effective Communication Matters?
The complexity of modern science and the pervasive challenge of misinformation highlight the critical need for clear, effective communication. Our workshops empower scientists and science-allied professionals with advanced skills to convey scientific concepts compellingly. By enhancing how science is communicated, we ensure that audiences not only grasp but can also apply this knowledge in their everyday decisions.
Why In-Person Interactive Workshops?
Our focus on face-to-face interactions fosters a dynamic learning environment, enabling participants to practice and refine their storytelling and presentation skills in real-time. In an age where digital platforms dominate, we believe in the unmatched value of personal engagement. Through interactive workshops, we help our participants build their own unique bridge between science and society, ensuring that critical scientific messages are not just heard but resonate deeply.
Why Customized and Evidence-Based?
Our workshops are customized to meet the unique needs of various scientific disciplines and sectors, ensuring relevance and impact. By integrating evidence from social science research on society's reception of science, The Science Communicator, LLC provides training that not only resonates with today’s audiences but also effectively bridges the gap between science and society.
Why Modular Design of Workshops?
Modular design ensures our workshops fit your specific needs, recognizing that one-size-fits-all falls short. Tailored to address your organization's most pressing communication challenges, we help identify key areas for development. Our flexible modules adapt to your schedule and budget, offering ½-day to 2-day tailored experiences. Keep scrolling to learn more about the modules.

If you are looking for a 30-minute to 2-hour presentation, click here.
On Location

Let Us Come To You

Training at your locale offers many advantages.

Cost Effective
More of your people can participate
Examples and exercises customized for your field
Reduces carbon footprint of training
How It Works

Tailoring Your Science Communication Training

Design Your Workshop
After a get-to-know-you conversation, we’ll craft three tailored agenda proposals for you to select a workshop program and refine.
Customize Your Workshop
Once an agenda is selected, we'll tailor the content with field-specific examples to ensure perfect alignment with your needs.
Training Cost
Pricing is based on workshop depth, duration, and size, which determines the number of trainers (1 – 3) required. Hosts cover trainer travel costs.
“Building audience trust is the foundation of our trainings.”
Dr. Melissa Booth

Learning Modules

What is a Learning Module?
A learning module is a focused session designed to enhance specific skills through interactive exercises.
What Topics Are Explored in Your Science Communication Workshops?
We offer a suite of 10 modules covering 40 topics from the fundamentals of public engagement and audience connection to the nuances of presentation skills and media navigation, our curriculum addresses every aspect of effective science storytelling.
What Can I Expect from a Learning Module?
Let’s look at the 2-hour version of our ‘Unforgettable Performance’ module: »»Captivating Live Audiences. Groups of 4; 30 minutes. »»Your Voice Is Your Instrument. Pairs exercises;30 minutes. »»Using Your Body Effectively. Groups of 5; 30 minutes. »»Nailing the Q&A. Groups of 4; 30 minutes.

Science Communication Training

Learn to craft
science communication that connects and sticks.


Join us in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina for an in-person workshop July 21-22, 2022 - Crafting and Delivering Science Stories that Stick. 

We will teach you the elements of using narrative, techniques from the performing arts, and evidence from the social sciences to connect your science with people. These workshops are fun and interactive with a huge helping of empathy. There will be frustrations and breakthroughs!  

Certificates of completion are offered and recorded, and these trainings count as continuing education and CEU credit (10 contact hours of instruction are 1 CEU).  

Custom Training

Would you like to host a custom science communication training workshop for your students, organization or event?

I offer 5, 10 and 15 contact hour workshops, and I would love to work with you!

Each workshop begins with the Core Four experience. The Core Four is 3 hours of fun, interactive instruction covering 4 learning modules on science, story, connection and sticking. There will be laughter! During our planning process, I will help you select the additional modules for your workshop from a menu of 15 topics and training experiences.

Certificates of completion are offered and recorded, and these trainings count as continuing education and CEU credit (10 contact hours of instruction are 1 CEU).

Contact us in the form below if you are interested in hosting a custom workshop. I will get back to you ASAP, and we can talk schedules, modules and pricing.  


Many clients prefer a one-on-one experience to improve their science messaging, to boost their presentation game, or to weave credible, vetted, high-quality science into their product messaging.

My consulting is a flexible engagement based on your needs. We’ll meet weekly on ZOOM or telephone to keep the project moving forward.

Contact me in the form below for a free consultation. I would love to help you with your science communication project!

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