Empowering Science Stories & Skills

Discover the art of science storytelling with Dr. Melissa Booth. Experience transformative presentations that captivate and educate, alongside workshops that equip professionals with the skills to share science effectively. Elevate your event or team with tailored science communication solutions.

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    Dr. Melissa Booth, founder of The Science Communicator, LLC, smiling confidently, representing engaging and inspirational science communication workshops and presentations

    “Now, more than ever, people need science and stories that offer real hope and inspiration. There is a growing need to communicate science in ways that captivate attention, assist recall, and embrace inclusivity.

    Drawing from 30 years of experience of sharing science, I've come to understand that impactful communication requires more than just a compelling story—it demands strategies that make science accessible and memorable for everyone.”

    Dr. Melissa Booth, Founder and Principal

    Science Stories That Connect


    Science Stories That Resonate


    Inspirational, Useful and Unforgettable


    Science Stories That People Remember


    Learn to Craft and Deliver Memorable Science Stories

    Our lively trainings help science-affiliated professionals develop science stories that connect, resonate and endure with their audience.

    Science communication workshop participants standing in a small group working on an interactive exercise

    What clients are saying...

    Science communication workshop participants standing in a small group working on an interactive exercise  Eric Klos, CEO of the DailyBreath app, smiling, happy with the help he received to communicate the science of his software application
    “The work you’ve done is outstanding and, frankly, blew me away!”
    Eric Klos, CEO of DailyBreath app
    April Burt, attorney and satisfied presentation attendee
    “You make everything so clear and relevant. When you explain things, the science doesn’t intimidate me."
    April Burt, attorney
    Dr. Keith McDade, Professor, smiling and satisfied about presentation given to university science students
    “Wonderful, inspiring speaker for students in the sciences. A treasure!"
    Dr. Keith McDade, Lenoir-Rhyne University
    Roxy Johnston, Watershed Coordinator for the City of Ithaca, New York, smiling and satisfied with science communication guidance
    “The vaccine info you provided helped us address fears during our all city meeting."
    Roxy Johnston, Watershed Coordinator, City of Ithaca