Clear Compassionate Science Storytelling

My goal for public speaking about science is to engage you with the clarity of your favorite teacher, the compassion of your best friend and the storytelling of your favorite writer.

Dr. Melissa Booth, public speaking about scienceDr. Melissa Booth, public speaking about scienceDr. Melissa Booth, public speaking about scienceDr. Melissa Booth, public speaking about science

Hopeful, Inspirational, Useful Science

The inspirational science talks presented by Dr. Melissa Booth, as part of The Science Communicator, LLC, are dedicated to delivering useful and uplifting scientific information to science-affiliated and general audiences. Presentations can be 20-minutes to 2-hour in-person or virtual engagements. Please fill out the request form below for more information. If you are interested in a 3+-hour engagement, click here.

Featured Presentations

Science That Sticks

Techniques from the arts and data from the social sciences enhance our understanding of what makes science “stick” in a listener’s mind. This presentation details five key ingredients that make science memorable. *Useful for science-affiliated and science-curious audiences.

How to Survive an Apocalypse

Microbes have persisted for 3.5 billion years. Research has revealed two critical skills that microbes use to survive turbulent periods in Earth’s history. This talk proposes how humans can mimic microbes and master their skills for our own survival. *Useful and inspiring for general audiences.

Science that Gives Me Hope

How about some good news?! This presentation shares encouraging scientific data that show us how Earth’s systems can bounce back when we correct our mistakes. Earth can recover her abilities to provide clean air, water, food, and a livable temperature to support human civilization and the living world. We can do this. Save the humans! *Hopeful and inspiring for general audiences.

What Does Your Audience Need?

My Presentation Ethos

I deliver inspirational science-filled talks about the future. My goal is to offer hope and make learning science safe for everybody.

Television Appearances

I have spent most of my career in a lab, on a boat, in front of a computer or behind a lecture podium. On occasion, I have been a guest on radio, television and podcasts. I love talking science and science communication, so please feel free to ask me to be on your program!

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