Clear Compassionate Science Storytelling

My goal is to engage you with the clarity of your favorite teacher, the compassion of your best friend and the storytelling of your favorite writer.

Hopeful, Inspirational, Useful Science

The presentations I offer as part of The Science Communicator are dedicated to delivering hopeful, inspirational and useful science information to general audiences. Presentations can be 20 minutes to 2 hour in person or Zoom engagements. Please fill out the request form below for more information. If you are interested in a 3+ hour engagement, click here.

Featured Presentations

Resilience Lessons from the Microbial Realm

Geeky inspirational talk demonstrating the super-staying power of microbes that can teach humanity about thriving in a changing world.

The Science that Gives Me Hope

Visionary hopeful talk exploring recent scientific research that indicates Earth system resilience when corrective action is taken.

The Science Stories We Tell about the Future

Nerdy media-lovers talk contrasting near-future visions of doom with far-future utopias.

Presentation Topics

Science & Ethics of Genetically Modifying Plants, Animals and People
Contemporary controversial talk with easy-to-understand description of GMO technology and GMO pros, cons and current uses.
Science for your Soul
Thought-provoking inspirational talk exploring recent discoveries in plants and animals that will make you re-think your relationship with Earth’s living world.
Science that Sticks
Compassionate educational talk on crafting credible science communication that fills an audience need.
Climate Migration in the U.S.A.
Reality-check talk about the geographical population shifts occurring in the U.S.A. over the next century due to changing climate.
My Presentation Ethos

I deliver inspirational science-filled talks about the future. My goal is to offer hope and make learning science safe for everybody.

Television Appearances

I have spent most of my career in a lab, on a boat, in front of a computer or behind a lecture podium. On occasion, I have been a guest on radio, television and podcasts. I love talking science and science communication, so please feel free to ask me to be on your program!.

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I am fully vaccinated and faithfully practicing social distancing and masking. If you are interested in booking a talk, we can discuss online versus in-person engagement by looking at current transmission and hospitalization statistics in your community.